Hi. I'm Amy.

First and foremost, congratulations as you walk the beautiful road towards adoption! As a fellow adoptive mom I understand the reality of falling head over heels for a little person that you hardly even know. I know about long waits and set backs. I know about living in anticipation for the moment when your family will all be in one place!

However, while I can understand how it feels to prepare for the transition that will take place in  my life, I can't even begin to try to put myself in the shoes of a child who enters a new family in a distant land. There are different foods, different caretakers, different sleeping arrangements, different clothes, and on top of that there are the unfamiliar sounds of a foreign language. Most confident adults would crumble under these conditions! For a child who is too little to be in control of his or her surroundings it must be a very uncomfortable experience to say the least.

These books were written with the great hope of making that transition a bit easier for the new child in your family. While language resources exist for tourists and those who are learning a language in its entirety, it can be hard to find the phrases you need that apply specifically to caring for a child (and particularly a child who is most likely overwhelmed). Hopefully these words and phrases in your child's native language will give you a way to explain things to help ease their fears, keep them safe, and most importantly, to let them know how very much you love them.

Amy Kendall